What is an ADU?

Short for "Accessory" or "Additional Dwelling Unit", and also known as second units, accessory apartments, laneway houses, and in-law flats, ADUs are self-contained residential units. Including kitchen and bathroom facilities, these units can exist as stand-alone structures on a residential lot, or as attached/internal to the main residence.

What is ADUSearch.ca?

An online tool intended to educate and inform, ADUSearch.ca is the first stop for property owners, policymakers, non-profit housing providers, and researchers interested in the availability of ADU-eligible properties in their community.

By looking at individual lots, neighbourhoods, and an entire city, users can get a sense of where ADUs currently exist, where they are possible, and how construction of further ADUs can be encouraged.

Lots eligible for ADUs in

Properties are estimated to be eligible for ADUs with no restrictions.
Properties are estimated to be eligible for internal or attached ADUs, or external ADUs with some restrictions.
Properties are estimated to be ineligible for internal, attached, or external ADUs.

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